Throw It Away Right Now! It turns out that this drink if placed in the freezer can endanger the life of one house -->

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Throw It Away Right Now! It turns out that this drink if placed in the freezer can endanger the life of one house

Wednesday, September 14, 2022 - Every household must have a refrigerator at home.

The existence of the refrigerator makes food and drinks durable.

In addition to the refrigerator, there is a freezer that can be an alternative to storing food and drinks.

But, there are drinks that apparently should not be put in the freezer.

Freezers are known to be often used storing frozen food.

Instead of being durable, it can endanger the lives of the entire house.

Don't believe it?

Let's look at it together with the following review.

Guaranteed you will be amazed.

The Dangers of Storing This Drink in the Freezer

For those of you who often store food and drinks in the freezer, it's a good idea to pay close attention to which ones cannot be put in the freezer.

1. Carbonated Drinks

Do you know carbonated drinks?

Carbonated drinks are really dangerous if you store them in the freezer.

They can become instant bombs when frozen.

In general, carbonated drinks have carbon dioxide in them, making them fizzy.

After freezing, the liquid in the can will crystallize due to the cold temperature and leave only a small space for carbon dioxide particles in it.

At extremely cold temperatures, carbon dioxide will expand, before it eventually explodes because it does not have enough space and continues to receive high pressure.

2. Alcohol

Drinks containing alcohol are actually harmless when stored in the freezer, as long as the bottle has been opened beforehand.

Freezing unopened bottles of wine and beer is known to create a combination of pressure and expansion, which can then lead to a serious explosion.

3. Dry Ice

Dry Ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide.

We also know it as a block of ice.

As with soft drinks, dry ice will be dangerous when stored in a freezer with a temperature lower than -18 degrees.

This happens because the sublimation of dry ice is accelerated at a very fast speed reaching 600-800 times that of the solid form.

Although it rarely explodes, taking dry ice using our bare hands is not recommended because it can make us get severe frostbite.

In addition to not placing the 3 items in the freezer, it is also important not to place every electronic device on top of the refrigerator.

Different temperatures and electromagnetic waves will damage your electronic devices.

In addition, never pry ice from the freezer using sharp objects.

Because most refrigerators use isotobutane, which is a combustible gas.

If you use a sharp stick when cleaning ice in the freezer, you can accidentally leak gas, and make it come out.

If it reaches the gas, it can cause an explosion.

Be careful!

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