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The Reasons Behind Why Crying Makes Eyes Moist

Friday, September 16, 2022 - Crying in a long enough period of time can lead you to a moist eye condition. This is so common after crying and you may be one of those who have felt it.

The condition of moist eyes is also something that is reasonable to happen and will usually not be overlooked. Considering that moist eyes can subside and return to the way they were without the need to do various things.

However, do you know the cause behind moist eyes after crying? Quoting the Medical News Today page on Friday (16/9/2022), eyes can always produce a certain amount of tears.

The tear fluid itself comes from the lacrimal glands, which flow over the surface of the eyes and flow out of the corners of the eyelids.

There are three types of tears. First, basal tears. Basal tears are basic and functional tears that are always present in the eyes. Its function is to lubricate and protect the cornea of the eye, as well as to keep bacteria and dirt away.

Second, reflex tears. Reflex tears appear in response to irritation. Such as the presence of foreign objects, smoke, or the smell of onions around you. The eyes produce more reflex tears than basal tears.

While the third is emotional tears. Strong feelings can trigger emotional tears. Emotional tears are associated with attachment, physical pain, empathy, fatigue, or affection.

Well, the emotional tears that come out usually amount to more. Far more than basal tears as well as reflexes. It is this kind of tears that can make the eyes moist. 

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