The benefits of eating beef for the health of the body. A source of delicious protein, prevent anemia until it is good for muscles. -->

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The benefits of eating beef for the health of the body. A source of delicious protein, prevent anemia until it is good for muscles.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Beef is one of the most common red meats consumed by Indonesians. There are so many Indonesian specialties that use beef as the main ingredient.

Call it culinary such as rendang, rawon, satay, empal, and others. Because, one of the most popular sources of protein does have a delicious texture and taste. However, beef is not just delicious.

In beef, there are also many nutrients that can provide benefits for the health of our body. Curious, what are the benefits of beef?

Benefits of Eating Beef for Health

Rich in nutrients, beef holds many health benefits. Below are some of them:

1. Source of Protein

Protein is really important, for your body! Protein is a nutrient that helps the body to make and repair bones, cartilage and also skin.

Well, beef is one of the highest sources of protein you can get. 170 grams (g) of beef that is 80% fat-free has 46 g of protein, you know.

2. Rich in Minerals

In addition to protein, beef is also rich in minerals, beef which is 80% fat-free can give you more than 50% of your daily needs of selenium and zinc.

Beef can avoid mineral deficiencies. Some of the minerals that you can get from beef include iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc.

3. Boosts Immunity

Zinc contained in beef can help support your immune system. In addition, beef also contains carnosine which is considered to improve the immune system.

This means that beef can help you to become stronger against disease attacks!

4. Helps Prevent Anemia

Beef can help prevent anemia caused by iron deficiency or iron deficiency anemia.

Well, you can get these iron needs from beef. For people who are at risk of having this disease, beef can help to prevent it.

Iron that can be obtained from beef will help the production of hemoglobin which helps the blood deliver oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.

5. Source of Vitamins

Beef also contains many vitamins that are beneficial for your body's health, including vitamin B6, vitamin B12, niacin and riboflavin.

This meat has a high content of B vitamins. Vitamin B12 has benefits for skin health, sleep quality, and even mood. Vitamin B12 can only be obtained in animal foodstuffs.

6. Increase Stamina

Your stamina can also be helped, you know, thanks to consuming beef. Because, the carnocin found in beef can reduce the fatigue you feel when you are on the move, especially when exercising. So be stronger, you know, in the course of the day!

7. Lose Weight

For those of you who want to maintain weight, beef can help you, you know. L-carnitine found in beef can actually help with weight loss.

The conjugated linoleic acid found in beef is also believed to help reduce fat. Even so, the benefits of this beef also depend on the type of beef, portion, and how it is processed.

8. Strengthens Bones

Want to have strong bones? Beef also has those benefits, you know. The reason is, beef contains phosphorus which can help strengthen your bones and teeth. So, eating beef can make your bones stronger!

9. Good for Muscles

Beef is also really good for your muscles. This benefit can be obtained thanks to the high protein contained in beef. Protein can build muscle tissue that is lost naturally due to wear and tear.

By eating beef, you can be prevented from losing muscle mass. Losing muscle mass has negative impacts, such as weakening of the body and difficulty in maintaining balance.

10. Maintain Healthy Skin

Who would have thought, it turns out that beef also has benefits for your skin! The nutrients and minerals contained in beef can help the skin regeneration process, you know.

In addition, anticarcinogenic substances that you can get from beef can prevent the growth of cancer, one of which is skin cancer.

11. Accelerates Wound Healing

benefits of eating beef for wound healing. This is possible thanks to the protein content contained in it.

Not only that, minerals, found in beef, have a role to distribute oxygen to damaged tissues, which is very important for the wound healing process.

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