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Story of Chichi Chimpanzee Escape from Ukrainian Zoo

Thursday, September 22, 2022


Story of Chichi Chimpanzee Escape from Ukrainian Zoo
Story of Chichi Chimpanzee Escape from Ukrainian Zoo The chimpanzee, Chichi, escaped from the Kharkiv Zoo in Ukraine. He then took a walk and enjoyed the local city park before deciding to return to the zoo with the caretaker.

Quoted from the people site, Thursday (8/9/2022), the primate escaped from the Kharkiv Zoo and initially seemed reluctant to return. Based on video footage of the chimpanzee named Chichi, he can be seen roaming the streets of Kharkiv, Ukraine's second largest city.

In the video, Chichi is wandering around the city park as zookeepers try to seduce her into returning to the zoo with them.

The Daily Mail reports he was lured back by a zoo employee on a bicycle.

At first he looked reluctant and engrossed in exploring the street, but when it started to rain, he ran into a guard, who was wearing a yellow raincoat on him. He then hugged his human friend and got on the bike.

The clip ends with Chichi being driven back to the zoo on a bicycle.

The director of the Kharkiv Zoo, Oleksiy Hryhoriev, confirmed to Ukrainian public broadcaster Suspilne that the animal returned to the zoo safely, The Guardian reported.

Evacuated Due to Russian Attack

Chichi recently lived at the Kharkiv Zoo. The chimpanzee was evacuated to the zoo after the Russian incursion into Ukraine began to affect its habitat, an outdoor zoo called the Feldman Ecopark.

In April, Feldman Ecopark confirmed the deaths of two employees who went missing in March amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The zoo shared the obituary in a press release and video on Facebook and Instagram.

On April 5, the zoo's founder, Alexander Feldman, shared a statement about the state of the zoo, the Feldman Ecopark, "no longer exists" due to the damage suffered.

Russia began a large-scale offensive into Ukraine on February 24 - the first major land conflict in Europe in decades.