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Snake Found in Woman's Ear

Thursday, September 22, 2022


Snake Found in Woman's Ear
Snake Found in Woman's Ear Recently, social media was shocked by one of the viral videos, which showed a doctor making various efforts to remove a snake from his patient's ear.

However, the doctor's efforts to remove the snake seemed in vain.

Reporting from the NDTV page, Wednesday (14/9/2022), the disturbing video that has spread widely on the internet shows a yellow snake trapped very firmly in a woman's ear, and shows no signs that the snake is can be pulled out of the ear.

In the video, a doctor is seen wearing gloves and using clips to try to remove the snake from his patient's ear. In addition, in the vicinity, it was also seen that the patient's family was peeking at the process.

However, the location and time of the incident has not been revealed in the video.

The video shows the doctor experimenting with several different techniques in an apparently fruitless attempt to get the snake out of the patient's ear.

A Facebook user named Chandan Singh posted the video with the caption, "The snake went into the ear".

The video has been viewed more than 87,999 times and liked by around 100 people. People who saw the video were shocked and frightened when they saw the clip and posted their responses in some of their comments on their Facebook page.

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