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China Hits First Typhoon of the Year

Thursday, September 22, 2022

China Hits First Typhoon of the Year
China Hits First Typhoon of the Year China's first typhoon this year brought strong winds and rain to its southern coast on Saturday (July 2), as forecasters warned of record rainfall and high disaster risk in provinces including Guangdong, the country's most populous nation.

Reporting from the Channel News Asia page, Sunday (3/7/2022), Typhoon Chaba, the Thai name for the hibiscus flower, was moving northwest at a speed of 15 km/h to 20 km/h after the eye of the storm made landfall in the city of Maoming, Guangdong. , Saturday afternoon, the National Meteorological Center said in a statement.

Chaba, although moderate in intensity and expected to lose strength over time, is likely to bring very heavy rains and could break cumulative rainfall records as it pulls the region's monsoon rain belt inland, said Gao Shuanzhu, the center's chief forecaster.

"The abundant monsoon water vapor will cause heavy rains and large cumulative rainfall of an extreme nature," Gao said, estimating cumulative rainfall of up to 600 mm in some areas.

At risk are the western part of Guangdong, where Chinese typhoons usually linger, the eastern part of the Guangxi autonomous region and the island province of Hainan, with rainstorms causing landslides, urban inundation and flooding, Gao said.

Hainan upgraded its emergency response to Level II, the second highest, on Saturday. It suspended rail services across the island and canceled more than 400 flights to and from the cities of Haikou and Sanya.

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